Floating Laboratory Of Action and Theory at Sea


The Floating Laboratory of Action & Theory At Sea (FLOATS) is an experimental platform dedicated to teaching, research, public engagements and awareness about the social sciences of the sea. One of our main objectives is to offer a continuous critical commentary on the perils of our dominant territorial frameworks. It is a platform that invites academics, artists, activists, and sea-oriented professionals to rethink the sea.


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The first iteration of the project features sea-oriented academics based at the American University of Beirut, the University of the Aegean, Columbia University and the New School in New York, University of Catania, and other academic institutions at the vicinity of the sea.


We engage in four main activities through which we produce, develop, and disseminate knowledge for action & theory.



Inspiring and supporting researchers within and beyond the university


Disseminating ideas, stories, & research in an accessible format


Bringing the politics of the sea to the center of critical inquiry

Public Events

Inviting friends, colleagues, and the general public to discuss and organize


The 1st Summer Meeting (July, Lesvos Island), in cooperation with the University of the Aegean.

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The 1st Winter meeting (November, New York), in cooperation with Columbia University and the New School

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international scholars involved

We are a team of anthropologists, historians, literature scholars, human geographers, artists and activists and we build interdisciplinary bridges that hold despite the rough waters surrounding academic ivory towers!



Fields of engagement 

We are multi-floating: We are using teaching, research, public campaigns, open events, active engaging, oral history, activism and art, and many more tools to float more awareness about the centrality of the sea in our life, thought and future.   



themes we seek to adDress

Utopia; Commons, Communities, Containment | Labor, Flows, Capitalism| Rising seas & Arising popular Sea Politics | Warfronts as Waterfronts and Vice Versa|  Crossings, Currents & Countercurrents | Liquid Waste: Plastic, People, Plants. 


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"All men will be sailors then
Until the sea shall free them."

Leonard Cohen


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