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CONFERENCE: Utopias at Sea

The sea – like the concept of utopia itself – does not feature much in our current social theories, let alone our contemporary political rhetoric or social imagination. If anything, the sea seems lately to assume a villainously protagonist role in many of our present-day dystopic realities: harrowing images of the liquid refugee cemetery of the Mediterranean, depressing statistics of declining aquatic life, floating waste and toxic maritime pollution, or the impending threat of rising sea levels dominate our news from neighboring seascapes.

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CONFERENCE: A Sea View (Abstract)

The ocean is the antithesis of a frame. What is a framework? A structure that can hold or support conceptual/theoretical/empirical practice, in contrast, looking from the ocean we are ‘at sea’. For social scientists the sea offers an ecosystem rather than a framework. It is also an opportunity to think from the outside, not container societies.

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CONFERENCE: Labor Migration and the Sea (Abstracts)

My paper will explore the history and historiography of labor migration across the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean in the early modern and modern period (1750-1950). Much has been written on the Mediterranean as a connective space linking territories, regions, ideas and cultures, but in fact labor migration in the Mediterranean, and the various kinds of work and recruitment processes it entailed, has received relatively scant attention by historians.

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